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Learn to build a STRONG POSITION  when you’re new to a group and looking to rise.

After serving prison time from his wild 20’s (driving crimes), Jeremy went from a Prison to a Penthouse. This book is for those going through a big change in life and in need of learning how a complete outsider can dominate their way to the top of any arena every time. So c’mon, read on, sharpen your shank and let’s go get this fool together!

Growing Through a Break UP


Learn to build a STRONG POSITION  within your challenging relationships, including Break UPs. 

It’s time to make this Break UP the best thing that ever happened to you.

You are not your past. Your future will be defined ONLY by what you do next, so pull that knife out of your heart and continue your swan dive right into this 7-Step program because its time for Breaking UP Not Down!




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Jeremy Speaks


Book Jeremy today for your group’s needs in building STRONG POSITIONS inside difficult arenas at CantCheatDepth.com

* Thriving Through Hardship

* Connecting to the Top

* Embracing Confrontation

For an uplifting tomorrow and your best being Always Ahead, schedule Jeremy to Speak today!



When injured by another, it’s time to HireTheBest.us. When Trust, Results and Experience are game, it’s time to drop the rest and Hire The Best today!




A law group specializing in building STRONG POSITIONS in the complexities of RideShare Car Accidents with clients in need of medical care, legal representation, and maximum financial compensation.


Zero Cost Injury Care

When you’ve been injured by another, call us today for Zero Cost Injury Care in your area now!


Medical Finance

Providing  Medical + Financial Solutions to Physicians, Attorneys and Patients needing to build a STRONG POSITION in personal injury cases.

Elevated Manhood

Build a STRONG POSITION as a Leader in Relationships at ManingUP.com

You’re about to become the Extraordinary Man that Women Crave as you Man UP with Jeremy Sigal.


When Injured from another, build a STRONG POSITION to obtain the maximum compensation with our absolutely top-notch legal & medical teams at zero cost to you.


OnlyTeleMed.com specializes in high volume medical appointment referrals to doctors in our group while working with Snap.MD as our TeleMed platform. Currently recruiting primary care doctors in 48 states.

Advanced Hydro Solutions

Save upwards of 30% on your water and sewage bills by using our patented products and services at CheaperWaterBills.com


Informal Argument Resolution: for when the relationship is more important than the argument.


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