Jeremy Sigal?

Immerse yourself in the remarkable journey of Jeremy Sigal, a figure of transformation whose story is as compelling as it is inspiring. From the ironclad confines of prison to the apex of professional accomplishment, Jeremy’s life serves as a profound testament to resilience and audacious leadership. These experiences have furnished Jeremy with a unique arsenal of skills and wisdom, painstakingly honed within the most challenging environments.

Central to Jeremy’s philosophy is the principle of empowering individuals to establish ‘Strong Positions‘ in their lives, supplying them with the strategic toolkit necessary to conquer life’s fiercest battles. If your aspirations lie in career progression, nurturing high-level relationships, or achieving a legacy of impact & influence, Jeremy presents a unique blend of ability, insight, and strategy to catalyze your success.

Presently 39, Jeremy embarked on his life journey from Rancho Cucamonga to Las Vegas at the age of 17, shortly after completing his high school education in 2001. He pursued Economics and Business Management at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, from 2001 to 2005. Despite not graduating, a life-changing realization took root in Jeremy during this period: the immense potential of forging and nurturing a multitude of profound, purpose-driven relationships. Jeremy doesn’t just create connections; he ensures they bear depth and direction. This ability has proven to be his golden ticket to success in every sphere he has navigated since then.

Jeremy’s first business was at 19 years old where he started Fat Burning Fitness in 2003 (Personal Training), GoodBacks (patented ergonomic office chair to eliminate slouching) in 2004,  SGC Financial (business broker) 2008, Ideal Business Solutions (Business Development) in 2009, LegalQs (Full Service Injury Firm) in 2010, Ride-Share Legal-Team (2017), Advanced Hydro Solutions (2019), Best-Selling Author Prison to Penthouse in 2020, (2020), Olive Branch Medical (2020) published Prison to Penthouse and Breaking UP Not Down(2020), NEX LEVEL Marketing (2022), then more books and more businesses (obviously). 

Despite being a 5-time felon on parole, residing in the wealthiest zip code in town, Jeremy’s exceptional leadership skills and vision earned him the trust of his community. They elected him to manage their $5,000,000 treasury and make key decisions for the Turnberry Towers community as their Board of Directors President.

Jeremy wholeheartedly believes that the power to succeed lies within you, not in external factors or “them.”

Prison to Penthouse sprang from Jeremy’s incredible journey within a maximum-security zone of prison, known as “the hole.” His absurd driving record, riddled with infractions yet devoid of harm to others, went from an agreed 3-year probation to an unexpectedly wild 200-month prison sentence. But Jeremy, ever the fighter, launched a successful 5-year battle with a set of appeals that led to early release based on actual innocence in 2017.

Amidst the violence & danger in Max Prison, Jeremy Sigal fine-tuned his unique talent for leadership within the most demanding environments, shaping skills that catalyzed his success after his release. Mastering the art of alignment, he remained undeterred by societal pressures, rising to leadership roles respected by prisoners, gangs, and staff alike.

Jeremy Sigal’s distinct experiences fuel his success in esteemed business and social arenas, demonstrating the power of resilience, personal growth, and dynamic leadership. His journey has been transformative, from a college dropout to an esteemed mentor for top graduates, guiding them towards greater wealth, success, and enduring happiness.

His story disrupts traditional ‘labels’, emphasizing that our potential is not confined by societal norms. He proposes that the catalyst for such transformation lies within discipline, honesty, and depth – cornerstones that he has embedded into his teachings.


Today, Jeremy devotes his expertise to helping others attain their full potential. Whether your goals lie in your career, relationships, or personal aspirations, Jeremy’s distinctive perspective and experiences can empower you to overcome challenges and reach new pinnacles.

If you’re prepared to launch your journey of transformation, join the myriad of individuals already positively impacted by Jeremy’s guidance. Uncover the plethora of resources and programs at, and let Jeremy’s unparalleled insights light your way to success.