Jeremy Sigal?

Above everything else, Jeremy Sigal’s specialty is teaching you how to create Strong Positions in life so that you’re able to conquer your every battle and competition. 

Currently 39 years old, Jeremy moved to Las Vegas from Rancho Cucamonga at 17 years old after graduating High School in 2001. After attending UNLV 2001-2005 for Economics/Business Management, he was eventually kicked out of college without graduating, but the one thing he began to master before his leave was the art of building and managing simultaneously a vast number of deep directional relationships. More than just meeting people, Jeremy makes sure his relationships have depth & direction and he has used those skills to succeed in every arena he’s been placed in ever since.

Jeremy’s first business was at 19 years old where he started Fat Burning Fitness in 2003 (Personal Training), GoodBacks (patented ergonomic office chair to eliminate slouching) in 2004,  SGC Financial (business broker) 2008, Ideal Business Solutions (Business Development) in 2009, LegalQs (Full Service Injury Firm) in 2010, RideShare LegalTeam (2017), Advanced Hydro Solutions (2019), Qiss (Informal Argument Resolution) 2019,  Best-Selling Author Prison to Penthouse in 2020, 7FigureDating.com (2020), OnlyTeleMed.com (2020), Olive Branch Medical (2020) published Breaking UP Not Down (2020), Wait I’m Moving? (2023), But What Do I Say? (2023), and a few others.

As a 5-time Felon on parole in the single wealthiest zip code in town, Jeremy’s community elected him to run their $5,000,000 bank account and make decisions for the entire community on the Turnberry Towers Board of Directors

You’re just making excuses if you feel you’re unable to be successful because of “them.” Jeremy will show you that the only thing you need to succeed is you.  

Prison to Penthouse came to life after Jeremy was enjoying his time inside a prison within a prison, aka “the hole.” Mr. Sigal received a lengthy prison sentence due to his extensive driving record he accrued since High School where although he never crashed or injured another, he had been arrested for more “DUIs, Reckless Drivings, Evading Police, and general Speeding Tickets than any other in Nevada.

Jeremy agreed to enroll in a 3-year court program including rehab and probation, where once completed, he would serve zero time. However, after an argument with his rehab therapist,  Jeremy was sent back to court where rather than rehab or a few months in jail, he and his legal team were shocked when he was ordered to 200-months in prison, more time than many other inmates including those guilty of killing or sexually assaulting. That day is when Mr. Sigal began his 5-year fight to get out.  In 2017, the Nevada Supreme Court was in review of Sigal’s appeal and he was released early from prison based on actual innocence for crimes the evidence proved he did not commit.

While inside prison, Jeremy took extreme advantage of the opportunities he was able to find or create. In 2015, the warden approved Jeremy to create and teach a program he developed called “Healthy Structure,” teaching prisoners how to maximize effectiveness in obtaining healthy employment, healthy relationships, and succeed with healthy goals with every encounter in life. Jeremy wrote three books, learned the laws to beat his case, and acquired some of the single most challenging social skills with the absolute most challenging people you can possibly image which now empower him to absolutely thrive in society ever since!

Jeremy is a college dropout who now makes a living teaching top college graduates how to make more money, achieve success, and obtain happiness forever.

The truth is that “labels” don’t actually matter, and anyone can do it, but it starts with discipline, honesty, and depth. Let Jeremy help you just as he has countless others by checking out his programs/services available at JeremySigal.com